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Collaboration comes in many shapes and sizes

I have been working on launching a new business over the last couple months.  It is definetly in start up mode but the collaboration I have been experiencing has been incredible.  I think since my focus has been in the technology end of things I have sometimes overlooked the basic, raw definition of collaboration which is “working together in a joint effort.”  I have reached out to people of all different expertises and have received sample PR Kits, Books, offers to try my product, offers to promote my product and on and on.  From the banker to my neighbor the response has been incredible.  I think it goes back to my main “soapbox” in the online collaboration world which is “it” (collaboration) comes from the inside.  If people aren’t willing to “work together in a joint effort” it doesn’t matter what “tools” you throw at them or implement.  The software is a tool, but collaboration comes from the heart and soul.  I am invigorated to be in the middle of a fantastic collaborative effort and to see and feel what that means when it comes from the inside out and from bottom to top rather than top to bottom.  Happy Collaborating!


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Collaborating and Networking last night

I went to an all ladies networking event last night hosted by Best Buy and Ladies Who Launch.  There is just something about getting a group of intelligent, entrepreneurial women in a room.  STUFF HAPPENS!  There is no competetion just a feeling that we all want each other to succeed.  Webster’s says that collaboration is  “To work together in a joint intellectual effort.”  No where is this more evident that at a women’s networking event.  I will be collaborating with LWL in August as I will be co-facilitatating a panel discussion about the nuts and bolts of owning a business.  Exciting for me as a facilitator and as a member of LWL!  Happy collaborting today!

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