Ideas springing forth

August 19, 2009 at 12:49 pm Leave a comment

Last night I had the opportunity to attend an event where new ideas were presented to a team of corporate executives.  Sure, most of you have been there, done that… but this event had the public, and more specifically women, dive in over the last 90 days and then present their ideas on different offerings to the corporation.  The company is trying to be more direct about marketing to women, so rather than sitting around conference room tables trying to figure out what we want, for the last couple years they have been bringing in groups of women and asking them to brainstorm and then give their take on what is working, not working and present the new ideas that would attract this segment of the market.  I have been involved as a group member (last year) and then as an observer last night.  It is amazing the energy that flies when ideas are springing forth and one idea begets another or an add on to make it even better.  It is also amazing when you see your ideas put into action and watch as the execs take notes, ask questions and commit to you and your ideas. 

It really makes me think once again about the true meaning of collaborating.  These teams of women do not know each other, but they come together for 90 days and figure out how to collaborate with one another and make it worthwhile.  It ends up being a “win/win” for all parties.  The women feel connected and empowered, the company gets another perspective and gains a loyal customer in these women.  Isn’t that what collaboration is?  Coming together to work out the win/win.  It also reminds me that it is not about the technology; many of these women do not use anything more than meetings and email– it is about the willingness to listen, to share and to participate.  Technology is a great avenue for this in so many situations, but we can never forget it is the willingness to collaborate first and foremost.  Happy Collaborating!


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