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Collaboration vs. Silo

I have found myself lately working so much on trying to get others to collaborate or use tools or think how they can use the tools better that I myself became silo’d and cutoff.  Business, kids and volunteer stuff has been keeping me so busy that I have forgotton about the beauty and necessity of collaborating with those I trust and can bounce ideas off of.  So this week, I shifted my silo’d attitude to a collaborative attitude (once again) in my personal life.  Wednesday night I went to a women’s entrepreneue event with Ladies Who Launch on “Sexy Metrics.”   Typically I hate financial metrics and playing the finance hat in my business, BUT this was actually fun and so helpful as well as practical and collaborative!  Bring wine, chocolate and women together and we can make any topic sexy!  Next was my phone call with Joyful Business owner Laura Howard West–believe it or not it was on MONEY again.  OK, so you don’t have to hit me over the head (or maybe you do…).  So finances again and business measurements— I come out of my silo and hear exactly what I need to and can bounce ideas and fears off of others with more and with less experience than I.  It is all good–it was all collaborative, fun, exciting, focused and out of my silo!  I needed a brick and a kick and I got one.  I feel like I am in the world of my great friends again who collaborate with me, support me and always want to help me right where I need it.  Thanks Ladies!


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