Just because you don’t see me…

January 22, 2009 at 11:15 pm 1 comment

Just because you don’t see your entire work force doesn’t mean they aren’t out there working hard AND in need of information and connection to you.  With the remote workforce growing keeping them connected is a bigger and bigger issue.  I have blogged on this topic before but it just keeps surfacing!  Remote workers quit more times than not because of lack of connection NOT because they are unhappy with their job description/tasks.  Remote workers, more than anyone need Enterprise 2.0 tools to be deployed in their businesses.  Knowing who is who, who is available to reach out to, see a face of someone that you receive emails from and being able to find information and share information is key—along with the plain old human side of connecting and feeling a part of something.  For those of you that have a remote workforce give them some tools to connect with you and with each other.  Corporations are finding that if they don’t deploy these tools these employees get them anyway–they go to Yahoo or Google or one of a hundred other solutions to connect.  SO, get a strategy together and a team that will help you implement this strategy.  AND btw, don’t forget to plug in the remote employees who will be your biggest champions of all!  Happy Collaborating!


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