More than File Sharing

August 14, 2008 at 7:45 pm 1 comment

In Michael Sampson’s blog on 8/7 he brings attention to a blog regarding file sharing and collaboration tools.  These blogs ask “How did we get reduced to file sharing?”  It is correct that a primary issue and focus in many implementations was just simply “we cannot find stuff.”  BUT I have seen organizations and business units also use tools like SharePoint, eRoom, etc as the solution to lack of network drive space.  Many times, in a large organization, a busines unit is responsible for paying for their file share/server on the network.  If a business unit is short of funds or just simply doesn’t see the importance of having a storage solution with disaster recovery, folks simply save stuff on their c:/ drive and email files. 

When SharePoint and other solutions came on board, many organizations implemented them as a “corporate solution”.  When business units saw this, they viewed SharePoint, etc. as the “answer” to their storage problems.  With SharePoint being a corporate solution, the drive space was there for the taking!  No longer did they (the BU) have to figure out the storage problem, it was right there and corporate was begging the BU’s to use it, since they had invested in it, so it seemed to be a marriage made in heaven.

Unfortunatetly for these organizations, no one took the time to see what else SharePoint and other solutions could be used for.  No one did any analysis to see what gaps their were in other processes that these tools could resolve.  So, it got reduced to a storage and file share solution for many organizations.

It all goes back to analysis first, then figure out the solution.  Rather than installing the technology solution and then letting business units figure out for themselves how they will use it.  Identify the person with the need–then the solution.

Happy Collaborating!


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  • 1. eduardedu  |  February 18, 2009 at 7:03 pm

    In our univercity we have been used SharePOint for document circulation, archive and accounting. During 2008 year the most impact on our SharePoint collaboration has been done by 2 tools:
    Podkasting tool which were used by our internal radio univercity enthusiasts – they podkasted univercity news in audio format to all 20 000 students and teachers-
    i personally listened to their news periodically.

    The second tool is Learning management system(LMS) for MOSS 2007 which was used by our HR department to create a base of tests and courses for internal learning.

    Anyway as far as i can see SharePoint has additional plugins which greatly extend it’s functionality and also because of this i think SharePoint is so popular too.


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