Collaborating College Style

August 13, 2008 at 3:41 pm Leave a comment

We moved our youngest to college this past weekend and boy did they have the collaboration thing down pat!  We have moved 4 others to college between my husband and myself and this was truly the smoothest we have ever seen.  No lines at the tables for check in, all the rooms were ready, hand trucks and volunteers to go with them were waiting anxiously to help each and every car that pulled in.  Water for all (and they did NOT run out) and even a meal for the hungry moms, dads and kids for free!  It was amazing and reminded me of what great things can happen when everyone has a role and knows what it is!  Activities were planned for the new college students beginning at 5pm on move in day so that got the hovering moms and dads out of there!  Brillant move as well!  They seemed to have thought of everything.  Some best practices that I feel they had to have adhered to are:

  • Lots of good planning; stuff like this doesn’t just happen
  • No one person controlled the entire event; delegation is always the best policy
  • Everyone respected each other’s roles and were concerned with doing their role the best they could and they TRUSTED others to do the same
  • Every scenerio was played out ahead of time so there were no surprises
  • They took the human aspect seriously–goodbyes are tough so they filled the aftermath with fun activities for the kids; they planned a parent meeting so parents would get out of the dorm room.  BUT the plan was done with empathy for each person’s feelings. 

When we left I knew it was the right place.

Kudos to Georgia Southwestern for a well planned, smooth move in day!


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