Introducing Social Networking at Work Part II

July 15, 2008 at 3:15 pm Leave a comment

Reread the first entry in this series to refresh your mind dated 7/11.

After doing a little ground work you have now begun to evaluate the need.  You have an understanding of some business processes and you have examined the holes in the process.  Understanding the holes in the process(es) are key.  Without a person with a need there is no business case.  If you have determined there are some people with needs you are ready for the next step on the journey. 

  1. Document the “as is” processes that are the focus of this
  2. Document the ones that work (everyone can learn from these)
  3. Document the processes that don’t work; emphasize the holes in the process, the challenges and the barriers.
  4. Review the outputs from the facilitated brainstorming sessions. 
  5. Rewrite the “broken” processes in a new way using the ideas that were received in the brainstorming session.

You now have a “gap analysis” done – where we are, where we want to be and some ideas on how to get there.  You have some high level, possible solutions for the processes that need improved. 

Next time, I will give you a case study as to how this might look and we will see what we do next!  Until then Happy Collaborating.


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