Collaboration Jury Duty Style Part 2 (and Final)

July 3, 2008 at 9:41 pm Leave a comment

In my previous post I mentioned that I was curious how this forced method of collaboration would go. It was truly one of the most challenging efforts I have experienced. When deliberations began, we the jury, for the first time could communicate with one another our thoughts. That is different than in a project team. Typically before the decisions have to be made there has been interaction and exchange of thoughts and ideas. When we first shared our thoughts we were split up the middle 6 to 6. That was shocking for us all. We all heard the same thing for 6 days straight, yet in the end, we were split. BUT that is not so unlike project teams I have been on. Solutions are not always black and white and more often than not, some discussion ensues. The forced element though was hard to take– here we were split and we had to make a decision before we could depart from one another. So the discussion went on; there was no agenda, no facilitator (which drove me crazy since I am a facilitator) and the conversation went from silly to heated to sidebars and back. We weren’t really collaborating most of the time we were trying, each of us, to prove our point. No Covey “win win” here (at least early in the day). BUT as time ticked on, we did start to listen and give a bit. Collaborating was happening out of necessity and by default! BUT it wasn’t to just get to the end. We all truly had the feeling that we all wanted to do the right thing and we were all committed to doing it right. AND that IS collaborative. The path we took to get there was not the best, but we did get there. Would I suggest the forced method–locking folks in a room to talk, eat, etc., until they came out as one voice???? Heck no, BUT we the jury did in the end collaborate, and remained on good terms through our frustration. I will remember that next time I am around a conference room table! Happy collaborating.


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