Collaboration– Jury Style

June 27, 2008 at 4:26 pm Leave a comment

I have been sitting on a jury this week (and will probably next as well) and it has my mind turning on collaboration (again). I have held the belief of collaborating being a mindset and then you apply the tools rather than the other way around. Something “inside” a person must want to collaborate, have a willingness to collaborate and then it happens. Jury duty is “force collaboration” in a way. AND something that I am not a proponent of typically-forcing collaboration that is. Usually for upper management to try to “make” a team collaborate is unsuccessful. BUT this week, here I sit with 11 other people that I have very little in common with. We don’t work in the same industry or at the same company, we are not of the same political or church beliefs, we do not have a neighborhood in common or friends or family in common. YET in a few days we will be asked to put all that aside and we will be “forced” to collaborate. The only thing we will have in common is an objective or an end result. I am curious to see how much negotiating takes place and how much “digging in of one’s heels” takes place. The only thing in common that we have that brings us to this place is that we all live in the same county and we all got the “luck of the draw” this week. With such a variety of values and experiences I am going to be watching, and experiencing the most basic form of collaboration there is. Our jury system has been doing this for decades on end. 12 of us, listening to facts and figures, not talking during this process, but in the end we will share and reach a conclusion in a collaborative fashion. I for one am curious as to how this will play out, what I will learn from this and what I can pass on here and in my work. Until then, happy collaborating!


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Work yourself out of a job Collaboration Jury Duty Style Part 2 (and Final)

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