Enterprise 2.0 Fearfulness vs. Freedom

June 18, 2008 at 2:37 pm Leave a comment

If collaboration is about the sharing of information why are some businesses still hesitent to allow it to happen?   How many of us know people that have the reputation “if he/she leaves no one will know how to do xxxxx.”  That person has found “comfort” in the idea that he/she is secure in their job because of this.  BUT just the oposite is true.  The idea of sharing this information freely allows us in the corporate environment to then function seamlessly.  Creating wikis, blogs, etc where the “experts” can share their knowledge has quite the opposite effect than the effect that those who fear this assume.  Fearfulness leads us to believe that we are more valuable if we have the information, if we hoard it or if we know something that our coworker does not know.  Fearfulness leads us to wanting to be that person that “no one can live without” because no one else knows what you know.  BUT those that collaborate and share information visably are quickly counted as the experts in an area and become the “go to” person.  To be thought of as the authority you must be willing to share and demonostrate your willingness by using tools like blogs and wikis.  Check out Hinchliff’s blog “Enterprise 2.0: Lively conversations driving change” for more on Enterprise 2.0.


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